Key Advertiser Tips

How Google's Automation Can Help You Seize Opportunities - Tips Provided By Our Partners at Google

Search Campaigns

Leverage Responsive Search Ads

With Responsive Search ads the only thing you'll need to do is supply the headlines, descriptions and URLs for your ads. The system will then automatically test each variation and optimise for the best combination of ad assets. The format is also optimised for seasonal peaks so make sure to start on time and reap the rewards during the day.


Make sure each ad group is focused on one specific theme, directing to a single landing page. The more relevant the ads and landing pages are, the higher the chance is that the user will click through and convert, eventually helping you meet the conversion goals you have set.

Shopping Campaigns

Smart Shopping

If your primary objective is sales, use Smart Shopping campaigns to automatically optimise the conversion value. Get an average of 20% more conversion value for the same cost, while simplifying your campaign management and reducing time-waste.

Video Campaigns

Time Management
Set Daily Budgets to 20x your Video CPA and know that it can take at least a week to report on conversions. As videos are usually at the start of the consumer journey, ensure that they start on time.

Display Campaigns

Responsive Display Ads

It is vital to enable responsive display ads in every single one of your ad groups. All you'll need to do is supply the headlines, logos, images and URLs for your ads. The system will then automatically test multiple ad variations before optimising for the best combination of ad assets across Display.

Smart Display

Consider switching to Smart Display campaigns in order to completely automate all aspects of your low/mid-funnel campaigns. Smart Display Campaigns make use of automated targeting, ad creation and Smart Bidding in order to optimise your display performance whilst also saving you precious time. By making use of Smart Display Campaigns, advertisers typically notice a 20% increase in conversions at the same CPA when put in comparison to their other display campaigns.

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