Considering the fact that most purchase decisions start online, companies are starting to realise the true importance of digital marketing as a way to grow their businesses and expand their overall reach. By creating a strategy that targets all the potential online places where your customers might linger around, you will be able to maximise your understanding of the journey your visitors go through to find you.

Google Analytics is the go-to digital analytics platform for tracking and reporting traffic on your website. It allows you to make informed decisions based on the insights of the many metrics that are available. In addition to tracking traffic, Google Analytics enables you to identify trends, study behavior flow and optimise your SEO strategy.

As a marketer, you would want to know if your campaigns or marketing efforts are actually affecting traffic, conversions and consequently ROI. Of course, active promotion on social media, newsletters or writing guest blogs on other sites are good ways to increase engagement and traffic to your site. However, if you can’t track the success of each of these efforts, you'll be missing out on some vital information.