Leverage our latest tools and features, allowing you to manage your campaigns in the most efficient way possible.

Approval Process

Maintain control over campaign publications, reducing the possibilities of mistakes and ensure that a campaign won’t be published until it has been reviewed by a second pair of eyes.

Imagine you’re working with huge budgets and would love to have a second pair of eyes checking the campaign settings. Or let’s say you’re working in a team with specific permissions and access requirements as well as different responsibilities. Exactly, we thought there should be a way possible to manage and secure the process before launching a campaign. Get notified by email when a Brand Creator requests you for your Approval. Within the Approval Process Brand Publishers, Brand Managers and System Admins have the permissions to approve a Request for publication.

Media Library

Upload your photos, videos and text in bulk across brands and easily organise them using tags and customised filters on user level.

Are you building up a new campaign and do you find yourself having to wait when uploading multiple videos during the creation process? For the Facebook Ads solution, the upload of a video is completed on a single basis and processing the video can take longer than it should. How about uploading all of your content in bulk to the media library by simply dragging and dropping them into the Media Library? You can continue with the campaign creation and publish the campaign, whilst we process the uploads of the video to Facebook in the background. We will take care of the campaign publication ones the videos are being processed, so you don’t have to keep checking and coming back. Save time and make your work efficient!

Brand Management

Combine ad accounts and pages into brands and manage them separately in one environment.

Running Ads in multiple countries, managed by multiple teams, ad accounts and brands can be hard to keep organised on a high level. The way The Next Ad has built its Brand Management, allows you to separate ad accounts by brands and users by permissions. Split up brands or countries by teams using user permissions such as Brand Creator or System Admins.

Find out how Heineken implemented an effect brand management by clicking the button below!

Conditional Publisher

Automatically pause or activate campaigns based on data feed triggers e.g. the weather.

Ever wanted to create a campaign that only publishes if, for example, the weather is raining in Amsterdam, or when it's sunny in Tokyo? Now you can! With The Next Ad's conditional publisher you can use any data feed, from the weather to cryptocurrency valuations to activate or pause campaigns automatically. The conditional publisher effectively gives your campaigns a relevancy boost to have them live or paused at the perfect time.

Bulk Upload

Easily upload tons of campaigns using excel.

We've improved Facebook's excel uploader with an improved interface and increased stability. This allows users to create and update campaigns, ad sets and ad creatives in bulk right from excel. This is a very advanced feature which essentially saves advertisers, who simultaneously manage hundreds of campaign hours and hours, valuable time. Using The Next Ad's multi ad account capability a user can create campaigns in multiple ad accounts at the same time.

Campaign Migration

Copy campaigns across multiple Facebook and Instagram ad accounts (brands) and save a lot of time in setting up new campaigns in multiple ad accounts/brands.

You know that feeling when you’ve invested a lot of time and energy in creating a campaign and you then have to do it all over again for your other brand(s)? Well, we feel your pain. From now on you can migrate your campaigns across different ad accounts, saving you plenty of time. Campaign Migration is possible for all campaign goals, except Lead Generation, Brand Awareness and Reach campaigns.