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Key Performance Indicators

In order to measure the progress for the goals you've set as a marketer, choosing the right KPIs is crucial. Not only does it enables you to benchmark your achievements and report on thoses, it also allows you to effectively allocate your marketing budget into the best performing campaigns!

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Attribution models

The way consumers are going through their purchasing path and interact with the different touchpoints they encounter, while both off- and online, has changed quite a bit over the last few years. More than ever do marketers need to know how to get their campaigns out at the right time and the right place.

Both Google and Facebook allow you to use several types of attribution models to assess how a customer interacted with your ads before they bought your product or service.

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Collecting all the necessary information is great, but without a platform that allows you to have a clear overview, lots of time and effort would be wasted trying to access your data!

Both Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Manager enable you to inspect data gathered from the ads and campaigns on the platforms respectively. If you would like to use an analytics dashboard that displays data from both platforms in one, The Next Ad Analytics is surely worth checking out.

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