Use Cases

How to work best with our Technology

Weather Feed


“I only want to run my ads for sunglasses when the sun is shining”

Let's say you're selling raincoats, shorts, and swimwear. The performance of a campaign can be influenced by unpredictable weather and so you want to make sure your campaigns run at the right times.

Activate the campaign automatically based on the weather forecast with the use of the Conditional Publisher.

Audience Reach -
Multi Country Strategy


“I want to make sure I reach my audience over our multi country strategy”

Use Cross Campaign Optimisation (CCO) to keep control over your campaign budgets and reach amongst multi countries. Focused on reach campaigns and looking for your advertising spend to be spent in a (short) period?

Set up campaigns per country, using a single ad set and benefit from CCO to optimise budgets in your own full control using custom metrics for optimisation and setting campaign budget min and max limits.

Boosting Organic Page Posts


“I want to increase likes and engagement on organic well-performing content, without losing too much tume”

Sometimes content and posts perform extremely well, possibly even exceeding the expectations with the number of likes, comments and shares. On another day, the opposite can be true.

It is important to know which of your posts are performing well, as these can then be boosted to achieve even greater results. However, constantly monitoring your Facebook Page’s activity and manually boosting posts can be a time-consuming task. So how can we solve this?

With the help of the Automatic Page Post Booster you can decide which posts get promoted based on the criteria and filters that you decide to set up.

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