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On Top of Facebook

In this brochure you'll be able find a clear overview
of all of the features The Next Ad offer

Discover how you can benefit from working with
a Facebook Marketing and Google Premier Partner
where we’ve fundamentally changed Ad Tech from
a Spend Business to an Investment Lifestyle.


The Next Ad, your partner in Goal Optimised Digital Advertising


Find your customer across
Facebook, Instagram,
Messenger, Audience Network,
Google & Snapchat


Automatically optimise to
reach your goals


Create & Manage
Campaigns Easily

Your Business Goals

Campaigns and
optimisation based on your
business objectives

Optimisation Engine

Automated optimisation
across the campaign at
both ad set and ad
creative level

Across The Network

Combine Facebook,
Instagram, Messenger and
the Audience Network and
cover the entire Funnel

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