While there are many reasons a business or individual may decide to advertise, Instagram advertising is often utilized to grow brand exposure, website traffic, generate new leads, and move current leads down the funnel (and hopefully towards converting).

Since Instagram is such a visual platform, text ads are not a thing here. Rather you need an image, set of images, or video (which can be accompanied by text) to reach your audience with Instagram ads.

The exciting part? Instagram advertising works!

Last year, over 120 million Instagram users visited a website, got directions, called, emailed, or direct messaged to learn about a business based on an Instagram ad. According to Instagram, 60% of people say they discover new products on the platform, and 75% of Instagrammers take action after being inspired by a post.

Similar to Facebook ads, throwing some money behind a post will lead to more exposure for your brand, as well as more control over who can see your post.

Unfortunately for all you marketers targeting the older demographic, Instagram does tend to shift towards a younger audience, with the largest percentage of users falling in the age range of 18-30 (55%), then between 30-49 years-old (28%). Only 11% of Instagram users are between the ages of 50-64, and just 4% are adults over 65.

Similar to many other social advertising platforms, Instagram gives you the full control to target specific genders, age ranges, locations, interests, behaviors, and more. You can even target a custom or lookalike audience so you’re showing ads only to your direct list of leads or those who have a similar makeup.

Tips and Tricks for Instagram Advertising

1. Use the Right Captions

Though it might be tempting to write an extensive caption, snatching the hearts of your followers, it has actually been found that posts with fewer characters have the most engagement. In similar fashion, captions with only 1 to 3 hashtags are received the best by Instagram users.

Pictures say more than a thousand words right?

Well, apparently so do emojis. A study by Quintlyon the impact of emojis on engagement showed that posts with emojis had 15% higher interaction rate that those without! Suggested is that accounts use around 2 emojis per post to maximize the potential for interactions.

2. Creating Experiences with Videos

Last year Instagram noted that the time spent on watching videos had increased with an impressive 80%! So its no wonder that using video content for your brand profile is defenitely something you should consider. Not only do video posts generate more likes and commens than regular image posts, they also generate more engagement than image carousal posts.

This is mostly due to videos offering a better opportunity to create more meaningful content for your followers.

3. High Engagement During Weekends

A report commissioned by Quintly also found that the majority of posts and updates are published on weekdays. However, Saturday and Sunday see much stronger engagement levels. In fact, research indicates that posts made on weekends receive a higher interaction rate, 22% higher than the ones published during the week.

This could be due to the fact that there is less competition during the weekends, whilst people also have more time to freely browse through social media. Therefore, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that weekend posts can help in maximising engagement and boosting your social presence.

4. Make it Relatable

Another way to help you boost your performance on Instagram is to create natural, relevant lifestyle content, making the selected image or video relatable to users. By doing so, viewers will be able to relate towards what is being displayed in the creative, allowing them to view it from a personal perspective.

By creating posts that aren't too 'in your face' and subtly displaying the emotion expressed in the picture, the message behind your post will have more chance of being fully understood and appreciated.

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